Race Report – High Point MX

High Point MX was rough. It had been raining earlier in the week and Saturday started cloudy and dismal. The track was muddy with little traction making it difficult to maneuver.

Kraft Bike at High Point MX

This was Nathen LaPorte’s, #950, first run at High Point MX  and he started the day out optimistic and feeling confident after trackwalk. The track proved to be deceiving as many riders went down in the wet slop making qualifying hard on our rookie rider. LaPorte’s best lap time was 2:36 and he qualified 58th.

Our newest rider, #398 Robert Kraft, who last week rode a 450 at Muddy Creek, had some bad luck during practice and qualified 68th with a lap time of 2:40.

Both riders took a trip to the Consolation Race. Nathan was pushed wide off the start and ended up plowing through the worst of the mud, dropping him to mid pack where he ended in 15th. Kraft had a great start and was in 6th off the gate. During the first lap he went down and the Pennsylvania mud swallowed him up as his bike lay on top of him. Persistent as ever, Kraft came back from last place to finish in 19th.

We are glad to have a break from racing this weekend and will spend the next 10 days training and testing for Budds Creek on June 22nd. Great Effort from both our Riders at High Point MX.

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