Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer Jr Athletes at A-1 SX Season Opener

In case you been living under a rock and hadn't seen sikkshades creeping onto the scene like the blob... in the movie The Blob... here's a little update.
 Now firmly seeded in the MX and SX community with nothing to do but more of what it's been doing... it is just a mater of time before sikkshades is a household name worn by the fastest riders on the planet... Oh??? What??? they already are being wore by some of the fastest guys on the planet... Oh...onto the race then.
 In case you didn't know Mike Alessi has powers of telepathy and can bend metal with his mind you do now after that gate start in 450 MOTO 1. either lighting quick reaction time or he bent the gate with the powers of his mind he came out damn near a bike length ahead of everyone including 3 time world champ RV. It's probably the first thing but no matter, it was damn near unbelievable. Oh and he's a sikkshades by Eddie Bauer Jr sponsored athlete. 
New on the team is Jimmy Albertson of Team Homeboy had a great show in the semi making the coveted main event in the premier 450 class where some of the fastest riders in the world didn't even transfer to last night. 
The next may be a bit of surprise to some but not to those of us who've watched TPJ's Nate Schmidt along the way honing his craft. Yeah we know he looks like the block bully who's just a bit too big for the bike he's on (prob because he beat up a kid and took it) and chasing you for your lunch money...which, if he catches you he will take along with your position. But he's super fast and smooth and had an awesome 14th place finish in the same coveted main event last night at the Anaheim 1 Supercross season opener. 
So hey...what are we talking about... that's 3 riders out of the 80-100 or so that showed up, out of the fastest riders on the planet, that were one of the 20 fastest to make the main even that are wearing and supported by SikkShades by Eddie Bauer Jr.
So come out from under the rock, get a pair of sikkshades  and "take those look stupid.

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