MotoConcepts Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer Jr Phoenix race report

MotoConcepts Racing: PHOENIX SX Report
SPOKANE, WA (January 11, 2014) – Phoenix, Arizona is home for the second round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship. The Smartop MotoConcepts team rider, Mike Alessi (#800/450) spent the week in California working with Michael Byrne on his entrance and exit’s out of the corner, as well as maintaining his whoop speed. During practice at Chase Field, Alessi said he felt comfortable with his MCR 450 after making a few changes to his bike and suspension. He captured the 12th qualifying position as they entered the stadium for the nights’ events.
Once again, Alessi was placed in the first 450 Heat of the night. With a middle gate pick, Alessi shot off the line, barely missing the holeshot and grasped 2nd behind Weimer. The two remained in close proximity within the first 2 laps of the race. However, by the fourth lap Alessi had moved into 5th place which placed him outside of a transferring position and finished the race in 6th.

Alessi lined up for his first 450 Semi of 2014. When the gate dropped his back tire spun, which inhibited his ability to get the decent start he had hoped for. Coming out of the first corner Alessi sat in 7th. Alessi showed great skill as he hugged the inside line around corners allowing him to make some crucial passes in the first lap of the race. He held strong and charged on, determined to steal every position he could get. By the third lap Alessi passed Chisholm and Peick for 3rd and transferred into the Main event.
The 450 Main event brought many surprises and battles between several riders. For Alessi, it was one race he was not as proud of. He started off on the far inside line of the starting gate. As the 22 riders took off and came around the first corner, Alessi was squeezed out of the top positions and sat in 18th. Within minutes, he began to pass a couple riders and by lap 4 he was up to 16th. Alessi made it to 14th by the half way point but unfortunately, transmission issues began to arise. Near the end of the race Alessi stalled his bike in a corner and lost 3 positions. He crossed the finish line and ended his night in Phoenix in 17th.

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