Maryhill "Festival of Speed" Official Eyewear Announcement

Team Sikk Shades is Stoked

When we "dropped in" to the subculture known as longboarding, we had no idea what to expect. A friend of mine was organizing some local events here in Houston Texas and I figured Sikk Shades might be able to help out with some cool shades as prizes for his events. While meeting up at the local Skate Shop to work out the details with my bud, I met some of the local skaters and scoped out decks that were longer, trucks that wider, bigger wider wheels, and RAD complete set ups configured differently than the boards I remember from my earlier years. I grew up grinding the streets, curbs, sidewalks, hills, ditches, and the occasional empty swimming pool of my neighborhood on my "Bonzai" and Logan "Earth Ski" and thought I had died and gone to Heaven when skate parks started to be built across Texas. Guess I just dated myself. These so called "Longboards" interested me and the "kid" in me screamed "GOTTA HAVE ONE"! Then came my first Longboard event, as a spectator and Sponsor Representative for Sikk Shades, watching dudes and chicks from 15 to 55 competing and having a blast and I was hooked. I knew we had a great product and thought they would make a great addition to the prize packs, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that these Longboarders would take this "old school" thrasher and a new unheard of Brand of sunglasses in like we were family. They treated us like we had been with them for years and once the recipients put on and tested their new shades, they began to talk up the performance of the frames and made them part of their equipment as if they were helmets or pads. I had guys who laughingly told me that they "hated" sunglasses switch to never shreddin' without them. What an endorsement! Over the last couple of months I have had the privilege to get to know quite a few of these cats and have found a renewed sense of gratitude for a younger generation. There may be hope for this "Big Blue Marble" after all. Through all our newfound friends, fun and excitement we met our first distributor, longboard magazine publisher, and countless business contacts that all share in the love of skating. You can check out a couple of them in the PRESS RELEASE below. Team Sikk Shades has found our home amongst this group of rebels, troubadours, "Longboarders" as they preferred to be called and we are down for the long-haul. On the scene and always ready to "PROMOTE THA STOKE"!


“Official” Eyewear Announcement

logo-maryhill-fos                                           Sikk Shades - Blue Round (Longbranch, WA.) – Volcanic Promotions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sikkshades® by Eddie Bauer, Jr., as the “Official” eyewear of the 2014 Maryhill “Festival of Speed. “When Eddie Bauer Jr. came to us to discuss sponsoring the event we were excited at the possibilities”.  Over a few days of discussions and reviewing the eyewear they are producing, it was clear we wanted to align with such a quality group. Eddie is a true entrepreneur and iconic leader in his circles, Eddie has sought out the best in the sports community for market feedback, retail and distribution advisers, marketing and sales strategists, lens technology leaders, and artisan Italian designers to help create an iconic product, The Huckleberry and The Qualifier, they feature a patented non-slip nose grip. Many athletes lamented that the major brands slip off their face under the inertia of their movements. In addition, these intense performers were concerned about “prism” effect and distant distortion provided by leading eyewear as well. At high speeds, clarity of vision and distance judgment is critical.   Sikkshades® by Eddie Bauer, Jr. has recently signed legendary Downhill Skateboarding champions, Kevin Reimer and Patrick Switzer to the Sikk Shades Factory Pro Team. Kevin Reimer - Sikk Shades
“Eddie is on to something special with his glasses and is there to support the riders and sports that need it most. I have great respect for the guy! Keeping your eyes
covered while you’re bombing hills is extremely important and that’s why I’ve been wearing shades more and more often. These  Sikk Shades are just that…SICK! say’s Reimer”
Sikk  Shades     Patrick Switzer - Sikk Shades
“Happy to be on the #sikkshades factory team with some high quality Italian sunglasses keeping my eyes on the prize”, says Switzer   See both of these champions at the Maryhill “Festival of Speed”    About Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. is a sports action eyewear company based in Houston. Eddie Bauer, Jr. has been an adrenaline junkie for many years competing in extreme motor cross, iron man competitions, and more. The science and technology behind his designs are being received well within the extreme sports community, music industry, and now the film community. We hope to see you at the red carpet events and sporting events across the country. Eddie’s team of marketing and sales professionals are eager to serve you in any capacity that helps you to become more competitive and comfortable when exposed to the effects of damaging solar UV rays on the eyes. About Maryhill Festival of Speed: The Maryhill “Festival of Speed” is the largest North American gravity sports festival that is known throughout the world as one of the best downhill skateboarding events, best race courses and venues. The event continues to be the most anticipated world cup downhill skateboarding event in the world each year. Participants and spectators can look forward to the International Downhill Federation (IDF) as the sanctioning body for the 2014 World Cup race. An estimated attendance of 3,000 spectators will be able to watch over 250 of the world’s fastest Downhill Skateboarders from 24 countries battle it out on the 2.2 mile, 22 corner historic Maryhill Loops Road; while enjoying action sports exhibits, food, musical entertainment, and more. Volcanic Promotions is pleased to once again work with Push Culture News this year.  With the addition of several videos this year, racing heats, athlete interviews and product showcases will be seen worldwide. Coverage can be seen on Push Culture News YouTube channel as well as many industry website. Numerous media outlets will include Concrete Wave Magazine, International Downhill Federation, Push Culture News, Silverfish Longboarding, You Tube, numerous skateboard related websites as well as regional and local media. The prize purse will remain one of the largest in the world and easily the most on the IDF World Cup Series. The event continues to foster a strong sense of community throughout the action sports/gravity sports industry. Furthermore, it reinforces the IDF World Cup Series as a strong foundation for developing gravity sports in safe environments for both professional and aspiring amateur athletes. Last year’s event had the highest registered athletes in all downhill skateboarding classes including the Junior I (age 8 – 13) & Junior II (age 14 – 17) classes in the history of sanctioned events. This shows that the sport and event continue to grow at a rate never seen before.

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