International Surfing Day - June 20TH

Adios, spring. Aloha, summer!
On Saturday, June 20th, the 11th annual International Surfing Day will be celebrated around the world. The unofficial observance, which was founded by Surfing Magazine and the Surfrider Foundation, has become a global event held to mark the beginning of summer.As much as surfing has given to us, it is appropriate that we return the favor.Surfers of different styles, language, race, age and skill will grab their sticks and head down to their local beaches in celebratory fashion. More than 30 countries this year will attend barbecues and fundraisers, film screenings and educational beach cleanups and various other surf-related activities all in the name of honoring the sport of surfing.How are you celebrating tomorrow?


Below is a list of a few west coast ISD events happening.


-Huntington Beach, CA: An attempt to break the World Record for riding the largest surfboard, beach-wide cleanup, live music and giveaways. 

-San Diego, CA: Free outdoor movie screening of 5 Summer Stories at Veteran's Plaza in Ocean Beach; plus games, raffle prizes, pizza and popcorn. Also, “Why I love the ocean!” video contest entries shown. 

-San Clemente, CA: O’Neill beach cleanup at San Clemente Pier followed by a surf session.

-San Francisco, CA: Aqua Surf Shop screening of Andrew Kidman’s new film Spirit of Akasha and live music from Kidman’s band at The Independent. 

-Encinitas, CA: Wax Research, Inc./Sticky Bumps hosting beach cleanup at Beacons Beach with bagels, coffee and surf wax provided.

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