Sikk Shades® Offers More Choices to Customize Your Style

Our Flash Electric™ Lens Technology is Now Available in Any Color Frame with Any Color Lenses. You Can Choose Your Own Custom Look While Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun’s Harmful Rays.


(Houston, TX—July 25, 2015) Sikk Shades® – Now available in all color lens in all color frames. You spoke… we listened. That's right! You’ve been asking us for blue Flash Electric™ lens in clear frames or red iridium in the black frame and now you can pick any lenses and mix and match as much as your little heart desires. In fact, we put them all up in the shop page for your convenience. Every combo has a picture so you don't have to guess... just go pick your passion.


Today’s sunglass market is a highly saturated one. It’s saturated with polarized lenses which the public automatically translates to quality... but that’s incorrect. Google sunglass lens peeling and see what you find. Our difference is Flash Electric™ iridium lenses, which is among the most scratch resistant, optically correct, distortion-free lens material available. All of our lenses feature Flash Electric™ iridium that block out the harmful long wave light and let ample amounts of the good light in so your pupil stays normal sized. Our eyes are smart and recognize if we have enough light or not. Many (if not all) polarized lens block out too much of the good light needed to see properly which causes the pupils to dilate, stressing the eyes and letting in more radiation. This is why polarized should only be worn for short amounts of time... but not all day.


We only make premium Italian eyewear with high quality, optically correct, Flash Electric™ lenses. Our perfectly weighted and balanced frames allow all day wear with no pressure points behind the ears. We incorporated a flush mounted, hypoallergenic, “non-slip” nose pad to protect your nose. Prices start at $119, which is where we see growth in this category. Our Flash Electric™ lens offers a value proposition at that price point. There really isn’t any competition in our category. A few brands have dabbled in new lens technology, claiming this and that, but no other brand in our industry has focused on this lens but ours. They'd much rather sell you the $100 up-charged polarized lens. Our position is: We can give you the best for less! We are delivering a true premium product, not just the perception of quality. It’s a different way of delivering eyewear.


We know you want to protect your eyes and your investment in doing so. Our “Free Hard-Case” program will be offered at select retailers, starting in So Cal. You'll just get the rebate at purchase, fill out the quick form on our site, and we'll ship the case to the same store where the purchase was made for your convenience. Now we have you back in our retail partners’ store again as well... it's all give and take. We're not one of those "Oh by the way we make sunglasses" companies who started out with T shirts and decals and we're not a “100 style” company either, and never will be. We will have select styles and limited SKU's that will cover 88% of the market demand. We don't think our retail partners need 83 styles nor does the public. Sikk Shades® was established to provide a unique point of difference within the eyewear market. We have a premium product that transcends the boundaries between fashion and technical excellence. We whole-heartedly believe, and prove with our shades, that... Performance Matters!

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