Huckleberry - Crystal Clear / Blue Iridium Lens


sikk shades by Eddie Bauer Jr

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Sikk Shades takes the classic Wayfarer® style, which debuted in the 1950s, to a new level not yet attained by other designers.

When creating our crystal clear Huckleberry™ design with Blue Iridium lenses, we took our inspiration from the coolest, or should we say coldest place on the planet, the polar ice cap. These bad boys have the competition frozen and the most choosy of eyewear enthusiasts "chillin like a villin". Those sporting our latest model include pro skaters, snowboarders, surfers, and shade enthusiasts everywhere.  

  • Flash Electric™ lens technology, similar to HD for sunglasses, which works to block out the “bad” short wave blue light that’s damaging to the eyes
  • Max Velocity TR-90 frames with padded "non-slip" nose cradle to prevent the shades from slipping off your face
  • 100% handmade In Italy with extreme attention to detail
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z80-certified
  • Designs inspired by Eddie Bauer Jr.™ and athletes, with guidance from the visionaries behind some of today's biggest brands
  • Flamboyant, oversized lenses give an exceedingly broad field of vision while minimizing peripheral distractions
  • Lightweight construction and proper weight balance guarantee long-wearing comfort without pressure points or fatigue, so you forget you’re even wearing the shades
  • Micro-engineered blue lenses that lock securely to retain shape without undue stress or distortion of optics
  • Measurements: 60-15-140-50  

Do yourself a favor and try on a pair of Sikk Shades today. Prepare yourself for the extreme sunglasses experience of your life!

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