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sikk shades by Eddie Bauer Jr

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What makes our EXTREME Qualifier™ white wraparound active-wear sunglasses such a game-changer?

Maybe it’s the attention to detail that each pair of Italian-made Qualifier™ shades undergo. Maybe it’s our Flash Electric™ lens technology that turns the large wrap-around blue iridium lenses into a wide-screen HD viewing experience.

Maybe it’s the lightweight construction and proper weight balance using cutting-edge digital technology that dramatically reduce pressure points and fatigue, so you forget you’re even wearing shades. Or it could simply be that our Qualifier™ white sunglasses with blue lenses stay glued in place thanks to our non-slip nose cradle.

Either way, our team of pro surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts all love sporting their Qualifier™ shades.  

  • Flash Electric™ lens technology, similar to HD for sunglasses, which works to block out the “bad” short wave blue light that’s damaging to the eyes
  • Max Velocity TR-90 frames with padded "non-slip" nose cradle to prevent the shades from slipping off your face
  • 100% handmade In Italy with extreme attention to detail
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z80-certified
  • Designs inspired by Eddie Bauer Jr.™ and athletes, with guidance from the visionaries behind some of today's biggest brands
  • Wind tunnel-tested and athlete-approved
  • Better Jacketing for the eyes minimizing dust and wind irritation
  • Ergonomic, beefy frames hide a detailed locking quad-core hinge design, providing the perfect fit and long-lasting durability
  • Flamboyant, oversized lenses give an exceedingly broad field of vision while minimizing peripheral distractions
  • Lightweight construction and proper weight balance guarantee long-wearing comfort without pressure points or fatigue, so you forget you’re even wearing the shades
  • Micro-engineered lenses lock securely to retain shape without undue stress or distortion of optics
  • Measurements: 63-15-140-47


Do yourself a favor and try on a pair of Sikk Shades today. Prepare yourself for the extreme sunglasses experience of your life!

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