Aaron Lozzi



I grew up playing sports such as football, basketball, and baseball, but my passions are snowboarding and wakeboarding. I have been snowboarding for 6 years and doing water sports for 8 years. I love snowboarding because there is nothing else that makes me happier than when I am strapped into my board. I am always working on progressing my riding as much as I can to become a better all-round snowboarder. I enjoy riding with friends and stacking footy to make edits.




The Huckleberry and Qualifier Sikk Shades are by far my favorite sunglasses I have ever owned. They not only look sweet, but also have a perfect fit so they won’t fall off when you are shredding the mountain. I was also stoked at how sharp and clear the view is through the lenses. Definitely will be rocking Sikk Shades from now on.