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If These Shades Could Talk!


If these Sikk Shades could talk, they would no doubt tell you about their humble beginnings, starting out on the doorstep of one of Italy’s oldest, independent eyewear manufacturers.

They’d tell you about the many pro surfers, snowboarders, skateboarders, motocross riders, and Olympic hopefuls who tested them in punishing conditions, each time getting closer and closer to perfecting the frame design, balance, and extreme clarity of the lenses.

These shades would speak of overheard conversations between mountain bikers who finally experienced shades that won’t budge while riding through rough terrain, even while sweating, and stay glued in place thanks to the embedded non-slip nose cradle.

They’d tell you about the Flash Electric™ Lens Technology that blocks glare and outperforms polarized lenses by letting in more of the "good" long wave blue light that is scientifically proven to be beneficial, while blocking out more of the "bad" short wave blue light that can damage the eyes.

Finally, they would describe the Perfect Weight and Balance they receive using Cutting Edge Digital Technology that dramatically reduces pressure points and fatigue, so you forget you’re even wearing shades.

Ahhh yes, these incredible shades could tell you a good story or two, but I think they’d be most proud of the fact that every outdoor enthusiast who puts them on is SHOCKED at the difference they make.

If you love the experience and adrenaline rush that comes from being in the outdoors: hunting, fishing, climbing, hiking, biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, etc. and you want a pair of tested and proven shades that will enhance your view & won’t interfere with your activities...check out Sikk Shades.



Check out what our Team Riders/R&D Staff are saying:


“They stay on your face when you need them most!”
The Huckleberry and the Qualifier are GREAT sunglasses! Love the clear and black frames firmly holding the red and blue iridium lens in place. Great feel while they are on your face and stay on your face when you need them to the most!
- Brandon Heitzenrater, pro snowboarder
“I was stoked at how sharp and clear the view is through the lenses.”
The Huckleberry and Qualifier Sikk Shades are by far my favorite sunglasses I have ever owned. They not only look sweet, but also have a perfect fit so they won’t fall off when you are shredding the mountain. I was also stoked at how sharp and clear the view is through the lenses. Definitely will be rocking Sikk Shades from now on.
- Aaron Lozzi, snowboarder

“It’s like viewing everything in high-definition!”
I love the Huckleberry shades! They are my everyday eyewear. I put these sunglasses on and it's like viewing everything in high definition. It's incredible!

- Christian Villegas, surf instructor
“Sikk Shades provide great style and protection from the sun.”
“As a pro surfer and model, I spend most of my time in the sun. Sikk Shades provides great style and protection from the sun. I need high quality eyewear that is fashionable and durable.”

- Vanina Walsh, pro surfer

            “Sikk Shades are stylish and comfortable”
Sikk Shades truly fit right in with any sport in and out of the ocean. They fit snugly so they can handle any  extreme sport or just casually in everyday life. Very durable frames and the lenses are awesome for super   clear vision.
 - Chico Martinez, championship surfer



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