About Us


 We had no desire to slap our name on someone else's frame and call it our own. We wanted to make great, stylish sunglasses that were durable yet fashionable.

 Tired of the overpriced monopoly we perceived in the marketplace, we set out to design frames that were affordable, and out-performed what was available.

 The vision was clear, but the road ahead…not so clear. Looking back, it’s safe to say we we had no idea the journey we would take to realize the dream.

 We knew we wanted sunglasses that were stylish enough, safe enough, and durable enough for outdoor-oriented people to wear during their chosen pursuits. The best way to learn their preferences was to ask. We consulted with many outdoor enthusiasts, many action sport athletes , as well as Olympic hopefuls in various disciplines…asking questions and taking notes.

 We took those notes to a designer we had the good fortune of becoming friends with who has helped some of the world’s biggest brands. A fan of what we were trying to accomplish, and the extensive field research we had performed, he agreed to collaborate.

 Our work then led us to the doorstep of one of the oldest independent eyewear manufactures in Italy. They brought our designs to life and it is here the Iconic Huckleberry and Qualifier were born.




Stylish, Durable, Functional, Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer Jr® is the new standard in performance and lifestyle eyewear.