Driving Shades


When driving...wouldn't you prefer an undistorted view of the road ahead?

Of course you would! Yet we have been told over and over by the "Big Companies" that Polarized lenses offer the best possible view.

This just isn't true!

Most Polarized lenses create prism effects and distance distortions which can be hazardous since reaction time is so crucial while driving.

In fact, most polarized lenses block out too much healthy blue light, which strains the eyes by enlarging the pupils. This results in more radiation entering the eyes, and ultimately damages your vision over time.


Our Flash Electric™ Lens Technology blocks out those damaging short-wave blue light rays and lets in only the healthy long-wave blue light.


See the difference for yourself...


Our unique design removes pressure points so you forget you’re even wearing shades, and our patented non-slip nose cradle locks the shades firmly in place.


Drivers report that our Flash Electric™ lenses allow them to clearly navigate the roads while providing the best view in changing weather & lighting conditions.


Our new Sikk Shades not only look great, they are the pinnacle of performance!


If you want a perfect pair of driving sunglasses that will give you the clarity and comfort you need to navigate the roads ahead, then check out our line of Sikk Driving Shades today.