Entertainment Shades




Whether you are performing on stage or walking the red carpet, or even if you're not...wouldn't you want sunglasses that cut the glare of all those bright lights?


Sure you would! Yet we have been told over and over that Polarized lenses offer the best glare protection while providing the clearest possible view.


This just isn't true!


Most polarized lenses create prism effects and distance distortions.

In fact, most polarized lenses are so dark that they block out too much healthy blue light, which strains the eyes by enlarging the pupils. This can result in dizziness, headaches, and even nausea.


Our Flash Electric™ Lens Technology cuts glare and blocks out the damaging short-wave blue light rays while letting in enough of the healthy long-wave blue light to keep the pupils right sized.


Our unique design removes pressure points so you forget you’re even wearing shades, and our non-slip nose cradle locks the shades firmly in place.


Entertainers tell us that our Flash Electric™ lenses allow them to seamlessly transition from outdoors to indoors while providing the best view in various lighting conditions. They also report being able to clearly see all their electronic devices while wearing our shades...BONUS!


Our new Sikk Shades not only look great, they are the pinnacle of performance!


If you want a perfect pair of sunglasses that will give you the clarity and comfort you need to navigate life, while rocking that "Hollywood" look, then check out our line of Sikk Entertainment Shades today.