Technology Designed To Outperform Polarized

More than Meets The Eye - Technology Behind the Design


Sikk Shades uses Flash Electric™ Lens Technology for its sports sunglasses. Flash Electric™ lenses act as filters that block more bad (short wave) light and allow more good (long wave) light to come in, cutting glare as well as Polarized, but without all the prism effects, distance skews, and distortions experienced with some Polarized lenses.

People have even reported dizziness, nausea, eye fatigue, and headaches as a result of wearing polarized sunglasses.

Other lenses, including many Polarized, can block too much of the good light necessary for proper vision, tricking the eyes, resulting in dilated pupils.

Having bigger pupils means that more harmful radiation can enter your eyes which causes retinal damage and deteriorating vision.

Our Flash Electric™ lenses help prevent all these negative health issues while providing the best possible view of your next adventure.

BONUS - You can also clearly see all of your electronic devices while wearing our shades, like phones, tablets, laptops, watches, altimeters, instrument panels in vehicles, and fish finders. You know...the important stuff!


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   All Sikk Shades Sunglasses…

  • Let in the good light while blocking bad light with Flash Electric™ technology

  • Are perfectly weighted and balanced so they remain comfortable after long hours on the slope, trail, water, or course

  • Don’t fall on the job with padded non-slip nose cradles

  • Athlete Inspired - Italian Made