Victoria Covey


I have grown up around the water. When I am not in school you will find me at the beach, lake or at the cable wake park. I am 15 years old and an honor student at my school, but my real passions are watersports. I have been surfing competitively for a little over a year and this last summer I just started competing in wakeboard competitions. I had been in competitive cheerleading since the age of 5, so I like to do lots of flips and spins. I fractured my back 3 years ago and was told by the doctors that I would not be able to do the things I loved anymore. With lots of physical therapy I proved the doctors wrong. I have met some of my best friends because of these sports and now have friends all over the United States that I get to hang out with and compete against. I have got to spend time with professionals from these sports and they have offered great inspiration and advice on how to improve my surfing and wakeboarding to take me to the next level. Since I live in Missouri and it is a 12 hour drive to the nearest surf spot, I have spent a lot of time this last summer at the lake and cable wake parks closer to home. I started wakeboarding on the 4th of July in 2013. I have to be in the water.


Results from 2013-2014 Surfing


NSSA Gulf Coast - 2nd Explorer Menehuene, 2nd Explorer Girls, & 2nd Explorer Longboard

Gnarly Charley Surf Contests Panama City Beach FL - 2nd Girls 11-14 & 2nd Girls Longboard




Empire Wake Wakeboarding Contests Lake of the Ozarks MO - 2nd Women’s &3rd Wakesurf (not bad since I learned how to do it that morning before the comp)

National Points Chase Finals Wakeboard Series in Little Elm TX - 3rd Place in Amateur Women’s Open Features (This is the largest Pro/Am cable wakeboard comp in the world)

I am looking forward to the 2014-2015 NSSA surf series and the start of the 2015 wakeboard and wakesurf season.




My favorite Sikk Shades have to be the Alessi800 Clear Hucks. Just like the black Hucks they go with everything but I love the Red lenses. Everything is crystal clear and when you’re out in the sun all day, your eyes don't get the tired feeling of being in the sun. They feel relaxed. The Qualifiers are the best for me on those snow days; they have the most protection with the wrap around design and really keep the glare off the snow. No matter what you are wearing there is always a different pair that goes best. Love my Sikk Shades!!Eddie and Bruce at Sikk Shades have been such a great supporters of me on and off the water. I thank them for taking a chance on a girl from Missouri and for believing in me and my passions for surfing and wakeboarding. I am proud to be a Team Rider and Ambassador for the Sikk Shades brand.